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A number of easter eggs have been hidden throughout the Carnivores games.

Carnivores [edit | edit source]

Most of the easter eggs in Carnivores consist of hidden words and symbols in the area files.

  • Upon approaching the eponymous structure in "The Ancient Temple", a voice can be heard saying something in an unknown language.

Carnivores: 2[edit | edit source]

Carnivores 2 features many more easter eggs then its predecessor, many of which consist of buildings and other structures which aren't visible in software rendering mode.

  • "Manya Jungle" features a tunnel maze connecting to a chamber filled with eggs resembling xenomorph eggs; upon entering the chamber, he sound of cracking eggs is continuously heard.

Carnivores: Cityscape[edit | edit source]

Carnivores: Cityscape features possibly the most easter eggs in the series.

The last level has the corpse of a dead Giganotosaurus.

There is a dumpster that will make the player character pass gas and remark that he has to find a bathroom.