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The Tylosaurus

The Tylosaurus was an aquatic reptile that roamed the prehistoric seas of FMM UV-32.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Tylosaurus are one of the few known aquatic animals on FMM UV-32 unexplored seas. From what is known during the Crater City Incident, the Tylosaurus is not aggressive towards humans. Because of this, it is theorized that Tylosaurus eats smaller fish or other small animals rather than things human sized or larger. It has a strange yellow coloration around its throat and a slight resemblance to the Suchomimus with its dark green crocodile-like texture.

Carnivores Cityscape[edit | edit source]

In Carnivores Cityscape, the Tylosaurus can be found swimming around in rivers and sewers. If they cannot travel well out of water, it is unknown how they got into the sewers from the rivers, or even out of the ship. Strangely, it is not deadly which is not in line with the actual animal. Since it is basically the prehistoric equivalent of a great white shark or a killer whale, it would be expected to lunge at agents and passing dinosaurs from under the water, although since it has been extinct for millions of years this cannot be known for sure.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A possible explanation for why they were able to travel off the ship is because they could have been there beforehand. Since the FMM UV-32 species is not a threat to humans, they could have been imported to Earth colonies from FMM UV-32 to add a little scenery to the rivers and sewers.
    • This however is just a possible inference and is not based on currently known information.
  • There are animations and a sound for "hiss about water"