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The XP bug is a set of closely-related bugs in Carnivores 2 which affect the game's performance on Windows XP and some other operating systems, most notably causing the game to crash at random. Alacn was the first person to release a patch for this bug, although some other patches have been released since Action Forms gave the game's source code to a handful of people.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Some of the effects of the XP bugs are:

  • Non-administrator accounts cannot create new game accounts or save progress on existing ones
    • New accounts will start with -50 credits
  • Once a hunt has been started, the game will crash at random, usually sending the player back to the hunt menu and giving a "Heap Allocation Error" message. The game may sometimes crash while the level is being loaded as well.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Machf has determined that many of the issues surrounding the XP bugs are due to the Brachiosaurus' unique .CAR file. Removing the Brachiosaurus entry from the player's _RES.TXT file therefore should fix the bug in many cases.

  • This needs a link to where Machf posted his findings and more detail.

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